Importing master data

In the registry you must register everyone who participates in the club’s activities with a specific role; athlete, doctor, physiotherapist, coach, athletic trainer, manager or other specific roles, identified by a special icon. This allows everyone who has access to the management system to view, via username (necessarily a unique e-mail) and password, only and exclusively their own area of competence. Two identical e-mails cannot coexist.

Remember that coaches or doctors or managers or athletic trainers can only access the management system from any device (tablet, PC or smartphone), while only athletes have an APP to access their personal profile. The players’ apps can be found on the Apple store and Google Play.

Here’s how to populate the database By clicking on the (orange) Import Athletes button, you can enter all employees and athletes via an Excel spreadsheet, replicating exactly the example that you can download by default, or manually by entering them one by one using the New Member button (green).

The access password is encrypted and must consist of at least: 12 alphanumeric characters; 1 special character; 1 capital letter; to replace them simply overwrite them. Authentication is inhibited if 5 attempts to access the application are unsuccessful, and the administrator is notified of the anomaly that has occurred. Once you have completed the master data, you will be able to create teams. NB When importing the teams, it is advisable to assign them all an identical password, after which each one can use the change password function to change it independently or generate a new one.

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