Why the use of software in the world of football?

The development and success of a football project always occurs through: commitment, skills, planning and the search for the acquisition of a methodology, thanks to the support provided by technology. In the face of all the successes in the sporting world, there is always a meticulous planning of events that then led to the achievement of objectives.

In soccer, investment is needed in tools that avoid or reduce the risk of unforeseen events, variables and injuries. Players are the real assets of soccer clubs and as such must be preserved, but the youth sector is the real added resource. The examples of professional teams that have been at the top in Europe for years, have shown the way and indicate how important it is to have a system that allows the archiving of data for each category, creating benchmarks.

One cannot ape the great philosophies of thought such as Aiax, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Liverpool or most recently Atalanta BC, the real surprise of recent years, without seeing how much work and meticulous planning there is behind it all. There is still a lack of culture, few clubs are willing to invest in resources or technology that help the reading of events, to limit unforeseen events such as injuries or choices that turn out to be unprofitable.

More controls and working methodology are needed, to monitor every situation, because having a huge amount of data available, provides the opportunity to find the scientific relationship that links them together. Each type of planning can be subjected to a critical retrospective analysis in order to correct any errors that may have emerged during the “course of the work”, so as to be able to improve and achieve its objectives.

Strengths of  WeakRisk Sport Solutions

Safe: data protection and daily backup.

Easy: limited learning curve.

Personalizzed: access to each member by using of specific credentials, respecting privacy, with access only to their own area.

Customizable: constant updates and customisations required by professional teams, but above all customisable in real time by the technical staff.

Scientific: the IT solutions adopted are innovative and use only scientific bibliography sources. The apps where you can send autonomously data, such as RPE BORG, GQR, TIA and sleep analysis, in use to the players, are an example and reduce the margins of error and the work of the athletic trainer.

Communicative: the use of a centralized system provides every answer in real time. The monitoring of the work of each member or of each activity area is immediate and improves communication between them, creating synergy in the team.

Innovative: the patterns of professional teams for years at the top of the rankings in Europe, have shown the way, testifying how important it is to have a system that allows the archiving of data in each category by creating benchmarks.

Why WeakRisk Sport Solutions?

Supports and adequately monitors the many tasks of the sports secretariat, in particular those related to fitness checks

Supports the technical staff in planning training sessions

Helps and supports the evaluation and analysis of the Training Load

Plans recovery strategies to optimise player performance

It is essential to increase the sharing in a club of several departments: technical, athletic and medical

One of its primary objectives is to reduce player injuries

Stores all the data from the youth sector categories providing targets and benchmarks

It has a system of evaluation of players with immediate comparison to the higher category to facilitate strategic choices for the future.

Enhances scouting and talent search with a Top Player function.

It is the right digital innovation to make the amount of data collected daily functional. Optimise your time by providing important feedback to coaching staff and players. WeakRisk Sport Solutions “The future of football for an unborn football “.

Our products

WeakRisk Sport Solutions

Weakrisk Sport Solutions (Pro) is the software that allows the computerized management of a football club. Designed in collaboration with professional clubs it already has among prestigious User Clubs of the Italian first division .The BASE mode (light version) is offered to amateur clubs.

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WeakRisk Academy Solutions

It is the version of WeakRisk Sport Solutions PRO extended to the Academy or Affiliate of a football club. This version identical to the PRO version allows these companies to access a product used by prestigious Italian Serie A companies, at an affordable cost for them.

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WeakRisk One Only Pro

It is the version of WeakRisk Sport Solutions which allows the coach and his staff to manage only 1 (one) team with the exclusion of administrative areas. There are two versions with the distinction that, in the version called Junior, the function dedicated to external loads (GPS) is not enabled.

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