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    Weak Risk Sport Solutions

    He supports the technical staff in training planning

    It helps and supports the evaluation and analysis of the Training Load

    Plan recovery strategies to optimize player performance

    It increases the sharing of departments: technical, athletic and medical

    His primary objectives is the reduction of player injuries

    It makes the amount of data collected daily functional

    It improves time optimization

    It provides important feedback to the technical staff and the player

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Our History


WeakRisk is a company specialized in the development of softwares, applications and management programs. Its founding managers, spent twenty years  in the financial markets, afterward creating systems of support for trading (trading system) for these markets and having designed and developed management systems for medical offices, rehabilitation centers and management systems for restaurants, were the first to bet on the computerization of football clubs.

The successes found with some primary clubs of Italian football, show how winning this idea was. Weakrisk offers exclusive solutions and ensures continuous research aimed at improving its products. Our managers work strictly in contact with operational activities and our products are the risultant of an open philosophy and a complete sharing of development paths. The personalization of our products is an added value that we offer to all our customers.

Why choose us


For the professionalism that we put in all our projects and because we can meet all your needs with customized solutions. The scrupolosity  that characterises us, in the phases of study and analysis, before the development,  is a value added to our competence. The solutions we use are always at the forefront. The  best references, for what we do and for our products, are our acquired customers and their testimonies.

Our products


WeakRisk Academy Solutions is the version of WeakRisk Sport Solutions, software that allows the computerized management of a football club extended to the Academies of a main football club. It allows affiliates access to a product used by prestigious Italian Serie A companies, at an accessible cost. The sustainability of this project, for the parent company at practically zero cost, is supported by the training provided to the affiliates by WeakRisk and by a Marketing operation between WeakRisk and the main club.

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Weakrisk Sport Solutions is a modular software that meets all the needs, both of the technical staff and managers of a football club. It has been developed and is constantly evolving, thanks to the cooperation we have with the football players and managers of the Italian Serie A. We have solutions for professional clubs or,  by adding some PRO modules, even for semi-professional or amateur clubs. Currently it is already in use by several Italian Serie A clubs. The App supplied to the players are a cutting-edge intuition.

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WeakRisk One Only Pro and WeakRisk One Only Pro Junior unlike the one called Weakrisk Sport Solutions, exclusively dedicated to clubs, allow the coach and all the staff to manage only one football team. Designed in collaboration with professional clubs, and accessible to all staff members, they have the distinction that, in the Weakrisk One Only Pro Junior version, the function dedicated to external loads (GPS) is not enabled. The license can be purchased by the technical staff and not by the football club

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