WeakRisk Sport Solutions
Weakrisk Sport Solutions (Pro) is the software that allows the computerized management of a football club. Designed in collaboration with professional clubs it already has among prestigious User Clubs of the Italian first division .The BASE mode (light version) is offered to amateur clubs.
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WeakRisk Academy Solutions
It is the version of WeakRisk Sport Solutions PRO extended to the Academy or Affiliate of a football club. This version identical to the PRO version allows these companies to access a product used by prestigious Italian Serie A companies, at an affordable cost for them.
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WeakRisk One Only Pro
It is the version of WeakRisk Sport Solutions which allows the coach and his staff to manage only 1 (one) team with the exclusion of administrative areas. There are two versions with the distinction that, in the version called Junior, the function dedicated to external loads (GPS) is not enabled.
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