WeakRisk One Only Pro

The Weakrisk One only Pro  o WeakRisk One Only Pro Junior versions allow the coach and all the staff to manage 1 (one) single soccer team.

Designed in collaboration with professional clubs, and accessible to all staff members, they have the distinction that, in the Weakrisk One Only Pro Junior version , the function dedicated to external loads (GPS) is not enabled.

With Weakrisk Only Pro you can easily:

  • Manage your athletes’ training and data methodically and professionally. Thanks to the technology, you will be able to save time, abandoning the usual Excel sheets and reducing the probability of errors.
  • Monitor and evaluate in a simple and effective way the internal and external loads of your players, improving their performance and preventing injuries.
  • Compare for each player the load and work done in training with the average of all his matches.
  • Communicate in real time without wasting energy with your staff or players, creating synergies and building loyalty.
  • You will have at your fingertips all the data relating to your players, both in terms of their physical data and their clinical situation.
  • The medical area at your disposal is the most efficient on the market today.
  • Injury rehabilitation will always have a history that you can check with details of exercises and recovery protocols.
  • You will have a reliable and secure solution with daily back-ups to safeguard your data.
  • If you change teams, you will keep all your previous data, because this will be your working tool from now on and you will hardly ever give it up. This is why, since it pertains to the staff, the licence is never invoiced to the football club but to the staff.

Our solution?

Like the previous ones we have a cloud-based system multi-platform  (web-app and mobile app) is our ideal solution.

It automates data collection in a central system, directly, through APP or by interfacing with any GPS source.

A graphic example of how the use of algorithms based on scientific literature improves player performance and prevents injuries.

It solves communication problems among the club staff by monitoring their activities.

The availment of BIG DATA and the creation of reference benchmarks allow the assessment of the growth of the players and helping you in your daily decision.

If you are a professional or want to consider yourself as such, you need to collect and analyse data by monitoring:

  • Players’ performance in training and matches
  • The analysis of internal and external loads
  • The athletic and medical condition of the players
  • The pre and post training methodologies to prevent injuries.

These are essential to develop increasingly evolved strategies to improve the performances of the players.

With access to the various modules, each member of your staff  with personal profile and password can access his own dedicated area.


The two versions we offer cover all the needs through different areas of expertise involved in managing a football club.

Each staff role has its own clearly defined area of competence because our software is a modular application.

Here are some of its modules:

Scheduling and management of medical visits. Private communication system by push notifications with reading control.

Technical area with management of training and attendances on playing field, Pre and Post training management, convocations, matches, detailed individual and team statistics. In addition, a technical area completely dedicated to goalkeepers too.

Training Load area with graphic display of internal and external (GPS) individual and team loads.

Athletic and technical tests with effect size system to rate individual and team progress. Report Radar, centilation to check condition or comparisons.

Injured recovery area with detailed reports of the activity carried out. A personal diary as a detailed medical record and charts even on blood tests. Possibility of drawing up anthropometric cards.

Injuries prevention area through TreS ,RPE BORG and analysis of internal and external loads and acute and chronic loads or TLoad.

Medical area with personalized report cards, injuries, treatment and medical reports management.

Area reserved to the youth sector with rating forms, statistics area with single and team report cards, comparative analysis and storage of historical data for each category, creation of reference benchmarks.

Pharmacy with loading and unloading movement flows.

Apps developed in IOs and Android for players, to receive data from them regarding Tres (GQR and TIA), RPE Borg Cr10 and to send communications or attachments via Push notifications with read alert.


Safe: data protection and daily backup.

Easy: limited learning curve.

Personalizzed: access to each member by using of specific credentials, respecting privacy, with access only to their own area.

Customizable: constant updates and customisations required by professional teams, but above all customisable in real time by the technical staff.

Scientific: the IT solutions adopted are innovative and use only scientific bibliography sources. The apps where you can send autonomously data, such as RPE BORG, GQR, TIA and sleep analysis, in use to the players, are an example and reduce the margins of error and the work of the athletic trainer.

Communicative: the use of a centralized system provides every answer in real time. The monitoring of the work of each member or of each activity area is immediate and improves communication between them, creating synergy in the team.

Innovative: the patterns of professional teams for years at the top of the rankings in Europe, have shown the way, testifying how important it is to have a system that allows the archiving of data in each category by creating benchmarks.

What do we offer more than others competitors?

Professionalism: our cooperation with professional teams, for years at the top of european rankings, have helped us to develop a complete system that allows the storage of data for each category, first team or youth sector.

Attentive monitoring of every problem, such as that related to injuries, which is one of the most important for a club.

Analysis and a methodology based on innovative technological supports, to better understand the elements affecting a scoreline, to anticipate the strategic choices, offering an advantage regardless.

In particular, for the youth sector, a special ranking system for players, with immediate comparison to the upper category to facilitate the strategic choices in the future.

Our team – in-sourcing and out-sourcing WeakRisk has the best consultants and a full team with developers, analysts, coordinators and project managers.

Research because athletic trainers, coaches, doctors and scouting managers of professional Italian football teams collaborate with us and actively participate in the improvement of the product.

The commercial offer at a cost accessible to all technical staff.

User licence with unlimited access for teams, players, technical staff and collaborators.

Training and support on demand on-line or by email

Cloud infrastructure.

One-year licence term. 


At the entrance to Harvard University, statistics department, we can read: “There are little lies, big lies and statistics”

A coach, who must make decisions in accordance with continuous assessments noticed during training and competition, should be able to summarize them personally, but remembering that these tools will never replace him, when the time of the decision comes. This one will remain under its full responsibility.

We should not make the mistake of thinking that the statistics may represent the entirety of the game, but this is the glamour of training. The analysis is necessary to better understand the elements influencing a scoreline. We are confident that, using indicators for the assessment of individual and team performances is a valid, scientific and objective methodology, not only for the coach, but for the players too.

“The real lies are the excuses we hear all the time, when it’s just a lack of serious planning and culture.

Tiziano Testa

Founder & Ceo Weakrisk