Software update – 16/11/2023 New training types

Changed the method and mask for storing training exercises. By default, exercises in addition to the usual archiving method can be catalogued directly from the training session with additional fields to those already present, such as
– No. of players Selectable from drop-down menu from 1 to 30
– Field length Selectable from drop-down menu from 1 to 120 in metres
– Field width Selectable from drop-down menu from 1 to 70 in metres
– m^2 per player calculated automatically
– Rules
– Notes
A suggestion function has also been added to the exercise description field, offering all the activities already performed.
The classification of exercises allows us to make them consistent and comparable (comparison of sensible data e.g. same type of exercise) over the course of a season. In order to improve the archiving logic (in the event of an error), a function has been created to change the exercise classification data and it will not be necessary to remove the exercise from the archive to change it.