Software Update – 01/12/2023 Modification Training load

Improved the Training load area:
o Possibility of having the loads aggregated by period (selectable period, e.g. week/month or by date.
o Display of athletes/loads over the period as aggregate data (sum/average) to get an idea of the volume and intensity of training for the period in question
o Specific filters added to simplify the search and monitoring of loads
o Display with new calculation methods: one where you have all the parameters aggregated as the average of the matches/training in that period and with this function you will find the average values both for the matches and for the training sessions of the selected period, the second where the data must respect the aggregation chosen in the load management settings: (example: Total Metres: SUMMA, Total Metres 15-20 SUM…Metres minute: AVG etc. etc.)
o Implemented a team view to allow the display of all players at the same time and the average of their loads. By period, by match or multiple matches.
o Implemented PDF print function and Excel export for these selections / functions.
o Inserted the possibility to make comparisons for several periods for each player to assess his condition or simply the workload carried out in the different periods.