Weakrisk Trading Solutions


“Most of traders looses money because they either do not have any strategy or if they have one, do not follow its rules.”.

The most common mistakes that losing money investors do, are:

a) Acting against the trend by making deals according to what they want to do and not according to what the market is doing.

b) Defending losing positions, hoping to see their price back and often ending up to accumulate huge losses.

c) Closing profitable positions too quickly and ending up to give up a large potential profit.

They let their emotions take over and do not act in a rational way.

WeakRisk is a company specializing in software development and trading strategies on Forex and Cfd’s market, which has always believed that big traders are not only always lucky but that trading requires discipline and method.

To stay on the market you must have tools that provide information on market trends.

Our goal, is  give you a tool for support at trading….. Simple, practical, accessible to all and transparent for check in real-time performance and statistics.


 Weakrisk Trading Solutions !!

What is it?

Weakrisk Trading Solutions  can be defined as “an expert system ” to be used as an important support for trading on the Forex and the CFD’s markets.


Who is it for?

WeakRisk Trading Solutions  is for traders  that  working in the currency  and CFD’s  for business or investment strategy. It is also used by companies that offer advice and decision support to their customers.


Features euro-usd

The main goal of this tool is to dampen the emotional component of trading , maximizing the gains achieved through the application of algorithms, by preventing traders to take big losses, in an attempt to mediate and keep open deals against the current market trend.

Weakrisk Trading Solutions always keeps a euro-usd-21directional position on the market and it is constantly monitored by a level of artificial intelligence.  Its algorithm is owned by Weakrisk.


Besides the main trend Weakrisk Trading Solutions always provides in advance the dynamic values ​​delimiting the change of the trend. Knowing in advance this rule, allows you to always understand where to place entry orders, stop orders or profit-taken orders.


Please remember that the signal is only released after  the bar closing and that ‘s why the values ​​are dynamic

WeakRisk Trading Solutions is characterized by the possibility of working in three ways: directional, for the so-called trendy markets; lateral, for catching the congestion periods and moments without any directionality; matched,  for catching at the same time both,  lateral and directional phases. Professional traders must be able to deal in any kind of market, without being penalized by limitations typical of systems using exclusively  trend following or mean reverting strategies.

WeakRisk Trading Solutions allows to analyze the same instrument on different time frames by performing inter-market analysis, according to the most advanced practices adopted by professional traders.


  • Simpleness  in use and interpretation of charts and operational signals.
  • Competence  to adapt to all financial instruments of  Forex  and CFDs markets enough liquid.
  • Limited learning curve,  thanks to which even less experienced traders can act familiarly on markets that they not well know.
  • Detection of the primary trend with the possibility of monitoring more markets with targets and inversion trend points, always in evidence
  • Customizable alerting functions for constant monitoring of the markets.
  • 3d maps to identify the most performing tools.
  • Transparency on performances  and statistics.
  • APP. simple and intuitive.

With WeakRisk Trading Solutions, traders become more disciplined and are able to face the markets without being overwhelmed by emotionality or past historical events that would compromise their operations.

The algorithm of WeakRisk Trading Solutions, was developed to catch two types of price movements:

  • The reversal and the random  swing of rates when the market does not have a specific direction.
  • Market movements with a sustained and directional trend.

Contents and functionality

WeakRisk Trading Solutions constantly analyzes market trends using proprietary algorithms, transmitting operational signals in real time. It displays the graphs in the Low Frequency and Hight Frequency modes, providing the following operational information in numerical, textual and graphical format:

• Indication of the position (long / short), with display of the entry price and the expected price of inversion of the trend or of the consequent change of position.

• Indication of the theoretical goals (supports and resistances or expected targets). Starting from its birth,

WeakRisk Trading Solutions  WeakRisk is available in the Basic and Premium versions. In this latest version you can have in addition: economic news, economic calendar, graphs, 3DMaps, basketball and alert systems. It is available on the Apple Store and Google place