Software update 02/07/2021 New season 21/22

You start again and have to create new teams. In order to keep the history of your previous teams and categories and your players, you just have to click on the create new season button of each team and create the new team. With this function, the categories remain “fixed” and the players who will be on the roster for the next season are inserted or removed. For this reason, it is preferable to name the teams in the competitive youth sector or for the basic activity with definitions, without the year next to it, for example Under 16, Under 17 Allievi A, Allievi B, Giovanissimi A or Pulcini 1st year to name a few examples. This means that for each category “alias team”, regardless of the children who are part of it, the historical data are saved. It is therefore possible to compare the different years of the same category.