How to register an injury in the medical area?

How to enter and record an injury quickly ? 

Injuries are recorded in a player’s medical records and are displayed on the injury calendar along with notes and Injury Reports.

  1. From the medical registry simply click on the player’s name to access the player’s personal file
  2. With the + New Injury button in the injury section you will be able to enter the injury by filling in the injury card and also adding an image of an ultrasound or MRI scan
  3. with the green (Save) button you will have perfectly recorded and saved the injury, which from the first day of rehabilitation will be populated with all the exercises done for recovery. Tests and a re-entry form will then be carried out when the player has recovered and will be added to the group.

NB the doctor will give an indication of return that can be updated and brought forward or postponed (by varying the initial days of prognosis) simply by entering the correct date in the field “In group ( date) “.

An example ?