The One Only Pro license is the same as professional teams right?

Sure it is the same used by the Italian Serie A teams,  is the same of Weakrisk Sport Solutions license.

I am a young coach can I have this version for my team?

Sure, with the only difference that if you don’t use GPS and you are under 30 we recommend the JUNIOR version, less expensive license.

What is the difference between the One Only Pro version and the Only Pro Junior version?

That the Junior version does not have the possibility to insert and does not include external loads (GPS).

Weakrisk Only Pro and Only Pro Junior how many teams manage?

Only and exclusively one team. If you want to use more than one team, you must make this request to WeakRisk by agreeing commercially for this optional.

How many months does the license last?

The duration is 12 months and renewable from year to year.

We are a staff of 5 people, 1 coach, 2 athletic trainers, 1 physiotherapist and a sports director. Everyone have a personal password ?

Sure everyone has his personal password.

Who is the license owner?

The license is billable and payable only by the natural person who signs it, instead the company can sign only Weakrisk Sport Solutions version.