What is a trading system and why use it?

A trading system is a set of rules generating trading signals; a trading system provides operational consistency, a control of emotionality / stress, a consistent application of the same methodology, the differentiation of risk about multiple instruments, a comprehensive monitoring of operations and increased efficiencies in trading.

Who can use WeakRisk FX?

Anyone who has the ability to carry out transactions on the Forex and CFD’s markets and is looking for a support to its trading activity to identify market trends.

What is the difference between the Base version and the Pro version?

The Pro version than the Base version has: two different time frame short term and long term, the options market calculated with the Black and Scholes method and WeakRisk Basket.

How can I know in advance how will behave WeakRisk FX?

Below the graph, on the right, are shown the values ​​delimiting the trend channels, namely the dynamic points causing the trend changing
The overcoming of these points always corresponds with the opening of a trend (long or short). On Weakrisk Fx APP you can see this points on signal section. Knowing in advance this rule, we will have crucial information about how to act and where to put our orders of entry, stop loss or profit taken.
The climb above PTL (Primary trend long channel) always coincides with the opening of a bullish trend.
The descent under PTS (Primary trend short channel) always coincides with the opening of a bearish trend.
The crossing of the RVS (Reversal short cannel)  e  RVL (Reversal long channel) points are the place where Weakrisk FX, thanks to a particular algorithm, could open contra trend (secondary trend) to catch the congestion phase, the side movements and lacking of directionality.
The opening of these secondary trends, depend on several factors, such as the speed (volatility) with which these points are exceeded, allowing you to deal in any market environment, without being penalized by limitations that characterize systems exclusively of trend following or mean reverting.

How can I see the historical results of past strategies?

The historical results of past strategies can be checked going in the appropriate section where operations are recorded.

So this is a machine earning money forever?

No, surely not. A trading system is a set of rules that generates trading signals or is the transposition of one or more trading strategies on one or more markets or single financial instruments, but it is not a way to earn any time and past performance cannot be the reliable guarantee of hypothetical future earnings.

What do CFD's mean?

CFDs are financial products Over The Counter (OTC) specialized and popular that allow traders to easily open positions on a variety of financial markets: stock indices, oil and metals. CFD stands for Contract for Difference.

I cannot view very well WeakRisk FX: what can I do?

For a correct view of WeakRisk FX, we recommend the use of a last generation browsers (as Explorer 9 or 10 , Firefox or Chrome). It is also required a screen resolution at least 1280×720 pixels: however higher resolutions are recommended for a more convenient browsing and to display all contents.

What is the difference between WeakRisk FX and Weakrisk Basket?

WeakRisk Fx is the trading system that analyzes the single financial instrument, is able to identify the main trends of the markets Forex and Cfd’s, the main goal of this tool is to dampen the emotional component of trading, WeakRisk FX Basket developed for risk management, is based on the induced differentiation, with the simultaneous use of a plurality of financial instruments and with the use of multiple time frames. Parameters, strategies and algorithms are constantly monitored by a system of A.I (artificial intelligence) and is able to choose independently the composition, the percentage amount and the financial instrument.

If I use WeakRisk FX I always have to be on the PC?

Absolutely not …. The APP WeakRisk FX has alerting functions customizable for a continuous and constant monitoring of the markets.

Analysis and Time frame, which ones to use?

WeakRisk Fx Pro performs analysis with different time frame short term and long long term. WeakRiskFx provides the interpretation of the current trend through the parameters appropriate to your trading style. Each algorithm changes the configuration parameters of the graph (time frame, visualization coefficient, sensibility) in a complete automatic way. Who does not perform a dynamic trading and a strong intraday activity will prefer long term algorithms, while those accustomed to a short term activity, will prefer the short term ones.

Can I use it without having a real-time signal for quotes?

Yes. WeakRisk FX is a client server system and does not need to be powered by a data-provider that provides a real-time signal