Software Update – 11/28/2022 Personalized prevention cards

Maintain and/or improve the physical integrity of the player, evolution of the function that manages the preventive protocols: simply “Over the Top!” No more useless manual data entry for those involved in accident prevention! Specific areas have been created, to create personalized cards with specific exercises for each player on the priorities identified and to be monitored. Scrupulous statistics will be fed independently without having to include an unthinkable amount (hundreds) of exercises for all members of the squad in each training session. Introduced an area in which to save the images you use for the exercises, one where to save the prevention exercises and another where to save the preventive cards of each of your players. Using a key, you can import them (if active) into training, at the same time the exercises will populate the various personal statistics. You will never again have to insert any exercise in the training for the entire time duration of the card (usually 30 days). To make populating the exercise area you are going to use even easier, a massive import function has been created.