Software update – 22/01/24 Aggregated players

Improved and automated the function of players aggregated to another team. It is now possible in the phase of exclusion of the aggregation rose, to choose the destination team of the aggregated player. For example, for a transfer of players from a Primavera formation to the 1st team, once the Primavera squad has been saved and the aggregation has been carried out, the aggregate player will be visible directly in the destination team without any additional manual work on the part of the 1st team, which will have the Primavera player in its squad. On the other hand, once the aggregation has been eliminated, the player will rejoin the squad and will be excluded from the team where he had finished (1st team) and will no longer be visible to them. The function we have introduced will also allow the technical staff of the Primavera to view in the Training Load section, of the Primavera training, with appropriate colouring and wording, without averaging with the team, the workloads (GPS) of the boy with the 1st team, which are essential for the correct evaluation of the workload carried out by the player. This is true data sharing between the staff !