Software update – 08/04/24 Injured group management

Changed the management of injured groups from several teams, usually peculiar to the youth sector. With this new function you will be able to create an injured group not only in training but also directly from the injury calendar. Now in both cases, the injury group can contain several players and for each one the injury will be displayed immediately via the injury code used.
Taking care to exclude those who are not participating from the exercises, when the session is saved, the exercises will all be merged into the respective injured groups, the teams they belong to and the players’ personal areas. The prerequisite is that there is at least one training session on the day of the session. If, however, there is no injured group, this will be created automatically in the training session.
As always, you only need to click on the generate attendance sheet to generate the injured status and the minutes played with the exercises of the session.
NB on the screen you will also see in the injured group the date of injury and the severity of the injury, which is very useful information for those involved in rehabilitation.